14 thoughts on “Clash Of Clans: Unlimited Troops/ Barracks Hack

  1. If u think all this fee gem shit is real u must be massive idiots all these
    people r trying 2 do is hack into ur account … If u want gems u either
    buy them or get them frm bushes and achievements trust me. All these guys r
    total idiots. 

  2. My name is shalender please get me unlimited troop

  3. its all fake there is no way of haking coc to hack coc u need to hack its
    server and then u can hack the gme clash of clans

  4. Hey Guys atlast after wasting a lot of time finally i got 3000 gems For
    Free! Yeee! Just download it, install it, Enter amount of gems then click
    on Inject Script Done! Win Every Game! Try it guys!…

  5. Come on peeps! If everyone hacked coc n this really worked don’t u think
    everyone would b at top level. What would be the point in playing. Work for
    it u lazy bums!
    Only hack that works is the one like this but on a different server n
    reverts bk when you leave the game. Which is pointless lol

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